The Kate Chopin International Society sponsored two panels at the 2016 American Literature Association conference in San Francisco, CA, May 26–29, 2016.

Panel 1: New Perspectives on Kate Chopin: Personal, Poetic, and Multicultural

Chair: David Z. Wehner, Mount St. Mary’s University

“Excavating Katie O’Flaherty: Speculations on Kate Chopin’s St. Louis Irish Influence,” Kathleen Butterly Nigro, University of Missouri–St. Louis

The Awakening and Poetic Theory,” Jack Kerkering, Loyola University Chicago

 “A Multicultural Perspective on Gender in Kate Chopin and Emilia Pardo Bazán,” Maribel Morales, Carthage College

Panel 2: Teaching Kate Chopin in Different Contexts

Chair: Kathleen Butterly Nigro, University of Missouri—St. Louis

“Kate Chopin’s Fiction and Transnational Literacies,” Anita Helle, Oregon State University

The Awakening and American Bohemianism,” Meredith Goldsmith, Ursinus College

“Deep-Threaded Conversations about The Awakening,” Julie Wilhelm, National University.

“‘But Why Don’t People Want to Read This?’: Teaching The Awakening to STEM Students in the Core Curriculum,” Jonathan Katalenic, University of Nevada, Reno.