Presentations at the 2019 American Literature Association Conference in Boston

The Kate Chopin International Society sponsored two panels at the 2019 American Literature Association conference in Boston in late May 2019.

Roundtable on Teaching Kate Chopin

Chair: Bernard Koloski, Mansfield University

“‘A Palace of Gems’: How to Introduce Literary Analysis Using ‘The Storm,’” Amy Branam Armiento, Frostburg State University

“’The Story of a Class’: Using in American Literature Classrooms,” Anna Elfenbein, West Virginia University

“Kate Chopin’s Great Awakenings: Sex, Secularism, and the American Literature Survey in Western Kentucky,” Ray Horton, Murray State University

“Solitude and Empowerment Through Music and Swimming: Teaching Kate Chopin’s The Awakening in Malaysia,” Regina Yoong Yui Jien, Ohio University

New Perspectives on Kate Chopin’s Short Fiction

Chair: Heather Ostman, SUNY Westchester Community College

“Animate Things in Kate Chiopn’s ‘A Very Fine Fiddle,” Susan Moldow, Florida Atlantic University

“Recapturing the Orient – Ida von Hahn-Hanh’s Countess Faustina and Letters From the Orient: New Insights about Kate Chopin’s ‘An Egyptian Cigarette,’” Heidi M. Podlasi-Labrenz, University of Bremen, Germany