Call for Proposals for Kate Chopin panels at ALA 2024

The Kate Chopin International Society is seeking individual proposals for two sponsored panels at the 2024 American Literature Association conference in Chicago, Illinois, May 23–26, 2024

The first panel, a roundtable on “Teaching Kate Chopin With/Through Technology,” seeks short (seven- to eight-minute) papers/remarks that address an aspect of or strategy for teaching Chopin’s life or work in the ever-evolving technological world we live in, particularly with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. What in-class activities and assignments incorporating AI (or showing its drawbacks), infographics, podcasts, TikTok videos, etc. are engaging your students as they study Chopin? Proposals should include a title, your name and affiliation, and a paragraph about your proposed remarks.

The second panel, “The Continuing Relevance of Kate Chopin” seeks proposals that argue her works’ significance for 21stcentury readers. Papers might make connections between Chopin’s writing and current events, writers, pop culture, politics, and controversies or highlight how her fiction continues to offer readers valuable historical and/or aesthetic understanding. Proposals for presentations no longer than twenty minutes should include a title, your name and affiliation, and a 200- to 400-word abstract.

Send submissions for both the roundtable and the open session by Sunday, January 8, 2023, to Christina Bucher at Berry College, [email protected] AND David Wehner at Mount St. Mary’s University, [email protected]


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