Books about Kate Chopin from Traditional Commercial Publishers and University Presses

The New View from Cane River: Critical Essays on Kate Chopin’s “At Fault,” edited by Heather Ostman, Louisiana State University Press, 2022.

Kate Chopin and Catholicism, by Heather Ostman. Palgrave Macmillan, 2020. $89.99.

The Historian’s Awakening: Reading Kate Chopin’s Classic Novel as Social and Cultural History, edited by Bernard Koloski. Praeger, 2019. $37.

Kate Chopin in Context: New Approaches, edited by Heather Ostman and Kate O’Donoghue. Essays by Bernard Koloski, Rafael Walker, Amy Branam Armiento, Aparecido Donizete Rossi, Eulalia Piñero Gil, Heather Ostman, Emily Toth, Diana Epelbaum, Correna Catlett Merricks, Patricia J. Sehulster, Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar and Geetha Rajeswar, and Kate O’Donoghue. Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. $95.

Imagining the Creole City: The Rise of Literary Culture in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans, by Rien Fertel. 216 pages. Louisiana State University Press, 2014. $39.95.

Race and Culture in New Orleans Stories: Kate Chopin, Grace King, Alice Dunbar-Nelson, and George Washington Cable, by James Nagel. 224 pages, 12 illustrations. University of Alabama Press, 2014. $44.95.

Critical Insights: The Awakening, edited by Robert C. Evans. Essays by Bernard Koloski, Courtney Rottgering, Julieann Veronica Ulin, Stephen Paul Bray and Sarah Fredericks, Robert. C. Evans, Joyce Dyer, Jeffery Melton, Thomas Bonner, Jr., Mary E. Papke, Robert D. Arner, Peter J. Ramos, David Z. Wehner, and Janet Beer and Helena Goodwyn. 314 pages. Grey House Publishing, 2014. $85.

Beauty in Love and Death—An Aesthetic Reading of Kate Chopin’s Works [in Chinese] by Xuemei Wan. 268 pages. China Social Sciences Press, 2012. ¥39.2.

Awakenings: The Story of the Kate Chopin Revival, edited by Bernard Koloski. Recollections and critical insights by Emily Toth, Barbara C. Ewell, Helen Taylor, Barbara H. Solomon, Mary E. Papke, Thomas Bonner Jr., Robert D. Arner, Marlene Springer, Lynda S. Boren, Susan Lohafer, Anna Shannon Elfenbein, and Bernard Koloski. 232 pages. Louisiana State University Press paperback, 2009, 2012. $18.95.

Characters and Plots in the Fiction of Kate Chopin, by Robert L. Gale. 191 pages. McFarland, 2009. $75.

Kate Chopin in the Twenty-first Century: New Critical Essays, edited by Heather Ostman. Essays by Donna Kornhaber and David Kornhaber, Jane F. Thraikill, Heidi Johnsen, Garnet Ayers Batinovich, Lisa A. Kirby, Meredith Frederich, Rebecca Nisetich, and Li-Wen Chang. 162 pages. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008. $44.99.

The Cambridge Companion to Kate Chopin, edited by Janet Beer. Essays by Emily Toth, Donna Campbell, Pamela Knights, Susan Castillo, Katherine Joslin, Ann Heilmann, Michael Worton, Elizabeth Nolan, Avril Horner, Helen Taylor, and Bernard Koloski. 184 pages. Cambridge University Press, 2008. $29.99.

Kate Chopin’s The Awakening, edited by Harold Bloom. Essays by Dorothy Dix, Percival Pollard, Cyrille Arnavon, Kenneth Eble, Stanley Kauffmann, Cynthia Griffin Wolff, Lawrence Thornton, Sandra M. Gilbert, Rosemary F. Franklin, Barbara H. Solomon, Elizabeth Ammons, Margo Culley, Kathryn Lee Seidel, Margit Stange, and Emily Toth. 96 pages. Chelsea House, 2008. $30.

An Important Kate Chopin Biography Is Now Available

Daniel Rankin’s 1932 biography Kate Chopin and Her Creole Stories (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press), long out of print, is now available through Google Books. In spite of his impaired critical judgment (he considered The Awakening an unfortunate mistake), Rankin had, as Bernard Koloski explains in the recent Cambridge Companion to Kate Chopin, “what no other Chopin scholar would ever have again: access to Kate Chopin’s children, relatives, friends, and at least one of her publishers.”

Self-published Books about Kate Chopin

Co-Narrators of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening, by Robert E.  Kohn. 74 pages. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (Amazon), 2014. $8.90.

The Real Kate Chopin, by Lorraine Nye Eliot. 175 pages. Pittsburgh: Dorrance, 2002. $16.

At Fault is Online

Kate Chopin’s early novel At Fault is available online at the Project Gutenberg site. You can download it or you can read it on line. It’s searchable by word or phrase or chapter number, and it’s an accurate, trustworthy text.