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This listing of journal articles about Kate Chopin and her work draws on Kate Chopin: An Annotated Bibliography of Critical Works by Suzanne Disheroon Green and David J. Caudle, Edith Wharton and Kate Chopin: A Reference Guide by Marlene Springer, “Kate Chopin: An Annotated Bibliography”in the Bulletin of Bibliography by Thomas Bonner, and the databases of the Modern Language Association and ProQuest, among other sources.You can find most of these articles at a research or other large library. Many of them are available online through a library. And you can find other lists of resources on this site:

Books and books of essays about Kate Chopin and her work
Articles about Kate Chopin published since 2000
Articles about Kate Chopin published from 1985 through 1999
Kate Chopin translations and scholarship into German
Kate Chopin translations and scholarship into Portuguese
Kate Chopin translations and scholarship in Spain
PhD dissertations about Kate Chopin

Although “Kate Chopin” may not appear in the title, each article listed here discusses Chopin’s work at some length. The newest articles are listed first.

Franklin, Rosemary F. “The Awakening and the Failure of Psyche.” American Literature 56.4 (1984): 510–16.

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