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Many scholarly journals publish articles about Kate Chopin’s work. According to the Modern Language Association’s bibliographies, from 2000 through 2022, these journals have each published more than one article about Chopin.  

A few Kate Chopin articles published in the past two or three years may not yet be listed among the 190-some included in the MLA bibliography. We will count them when they appear.

Southern Quarterly: A Journal of the Arts in the South (15 articles about Chopin)
Southern Literary Journal (13 articles about Chopin)
Women’s Studies (12 articles)
American Literary Realism (11 articles about Chopin)
Explicator (11 articles)
Mississippi Quarterly: The Journal of Southern Cultures (10 articles)
Studies in American Fiction (9 articles)
ANQ: A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes, and Reviews (5 articles)
College Literature (4 articles)
Foreign Literature Studies/Wai Guo Wen Xue Yan Jiu (4 articles)
Itinerários–Revista de Literatura (4 articles)
Southern Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of the South (3 articles)
Studies In American Naturalism (3 articles)
Amerikastudien/American Studies (2 articles)
Beyond Philology: An International Journal of Linguistics, Literary Studies and English Language Teaching (2 articles)
Explorations (2 articles)
Interdisciplinary Literary Studies: A Journal of Criticism and Theory (2 articles)
Journal of Literary Semantics (2 articles)
Journal of the Short Story in English (2 articles)
Midwest Quarterly: A Journal of Contemporary Thought (2 articles)
Mosaic: A Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature (2 articles)
Neohelicon: Acta Comparationis Litterarum Universarum (2 articles)
Notes and Queries (2 articles)
Sigma Tau Delta Review (2 articles)
Revista de Filología y Lingüística de la Universidad de Costa Rica (2 articles)

These journals have each published one article about Chopin from 2000 through 2021.

49th Parallel: An Interdisciplinary Journal of North American Studies
ABEI Journal: The Brazilian Journal of Irish Studies
ABP Journal
Acta Universitatis Lodziensis Folia Litteraria Polonica
ALN: The American Literary Naturalism Newsletter
American, British and Canadian Studies
American Jewish History
American Periodicals
American Quarterly
Anuario de Letras Modernas
Arizona Quarterly
Arkansas Review
British and American Fiction to 1900
Brno Studies in English: Sborník Prací Filozofické Fakulty Brněnské Univerzity
College English
Connotations: A Journal for Critical Debate
Criticism: A Quarterly for Literature and the Arts
Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction
Cuadernos de Investigación Filológica
Doris Lessing Studies
East-West Cultural Passage
English Language Notes
English Language Teaching
ESSE Messenger
Ethos: A Digital Review of Arts, Humanities and Public Ethics
European Journal of American Studies
Feminist Studies in English Literature
Folklor/Edebiyat: Halkbilim Etnoloji, Antropoloji Edebiyat

Foreign Literature Studies/Wai Guo Wen Xue Yan Jiu
French Colonial History
Frontiers of Literary Studies in China
Gender Forum
Graphos: Revista da Pós-Graduação em Letras
Harvest: International Journal for Jungian Studies
History Workshop Journal
Interdisciplinary Humanities
International Journal of Arts & Sciences
International Journal of Comparative Literature and Translation Studies
Journal for Cultural Research
Journal of English Language and Literature/Yongo Yongmunhak

Journal of Narrative Theory
Journal of Poetry Therapy: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Practice, Theory, Research, and Education
Journal of Popular Culture
Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association
Language and Literature: Journal of the Poetics and Linguistics Association
LATCH: A Journal for the Study of the Literary Artifact in Theory, Culture, or History
Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers
Lit: Literature Interpretation Theory
Literature and Psychology
Midwestern Miscellany
MP Journal
New Literary History: A Journal of Theory and Interpretation
New York Times Book Review
Nineteenth Century Literature in English
NJES: Nordic Journal of English Studies
Notes on American Literature
Oswald Review
Parallel: An Interdisciplinary Journal of North American Studies
Poetics Today
Proteus: A Journal of Ideas
Religion and the Arts
Revista de Letras
Revista Memento
River Teeth
Selçuk Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü Dergisi
Short Story
Sociological Forum
Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi: Journal of Social Studies/Atatürk Üniversitesi Fen-Edebiyat Fakultesi

Style: A Quarterly Journal of Aesthetics, Poetics, Stylistics, and Literary Criticism
Symploke: A Journal for the Intermingling of Literary, Cultural and Theoretical Scholarship
Teaching American Literature: A Journal of Theory and Practice

Textual Practice
Theory and Practice in Language Studies
Topic: A Journal of the Liberal Arts
Uluslararası Sosyal Arastrmalar Dergisi/International Social Research
Use of English
Wei, Chang 魏晶; Qilu Xue Kan/Qilu Journal

Xavier Review

You can find detailed information about the journals in the MLA International Bibliography.

If we’ve missed an article published in a scholarly journal—or if we’ve made a mistake in this listing—would you contact us?